Phuket Wedding Photographer Services

Photography Phuket: Pre-Wedding, Ceremonies, Receptions, & Honeymoon Photo Shoots

A Phuket wedding photographer can capture your precious marriage moments for a lifetime, therefore choosing the right Photographer for your wedding in Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi, Phi Phi, Lanta or anywhere in the region is an extremely important decision.

Phuket wedding photographers are becoming famous for their professional services provided in a world-class island destination, and they are willing to travel around Thailand or the region for their relatively high value / low cost services as well. Services include:

  • Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Honeymoon Photography
  • Drone Photography and Videography
  • Ceremony and Reception Photography
  • Dress and Suit Rentals
  • Thai Traditional Costume Rentals
  • Hair and makeup artists
  • Prop setup e.g. arch, fancy car rentals
  • Photo booth services
  • Video Editing and Production
  • Videography

Phuket and the surrounding area feature many of the top beaches in Asia, with incredible ocean-side viewpoints, ornate traditional Buddhist temples, magnificent resorts, villas and maritime cruising.

What better setting to capture the stunning beauty of your life’s most important and stellar day?

We have worked with over 40 photographers on the island, and regularly work with over 20 of them.

Depending on your budget, style and technical needs, we will take the time to connect you with the right Phuket wedding photographer (or team of photographers) for your unique event and personality.

Most photographers will supply you all the raw images and also a selection of re-touched images using a convenient online transfer service.  The waiting-time for your photos is normally between one week and four weeks depending on the season.

For a full day photo shoot such as an extended pre-wedding shoot, the photographer/s can drive you around to the island’s most impressive view points. You might wish to have a makeup artist join along for the pre-shoot or stay with you for the entire duration, as an assistant to touch-up your makeup and hair.

Having more than one photographer (a team) is not necessary but always a great idea, because with wedding photos your tea has only one chance to capture as many precious moments as possible. There cannot be any mistakes! Therefore a skilled Phuket wedding photographer will often bring assistants who handle their lighting umbrellas, or who might be shooting with different types of lenses (wide angle or close-up respectively) for example.

Many award winning photographers are based in Phuket, or have started their career here and proceeded to become internationally renowned.

If any of the 40+ photo galleries on our website evoke a style that deeply resonates with you, do let us know! Contact us here or with the form at the bottom of this page, tell us what you are thinking of, and we’ll be sure to connect you with the right Phuket wedding photographer for your extremely special occasion.