Every little detail was perfect! It was a Renewal of Vows and I had called Jacob just one week prior to our event in Phuket. We were so happy to meet him and really appreciate his detailed help with the arrangements from the flowers to the photography and hotel! We are so glad that we found you for our Phuket Wedding! It was just fabulous.
Rebecca Mcinsley, Australia/UK
Jacob married us two weeks ago and it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony with a stunning backdrop. From the preparations up until the actual day he made sure everything went smoothly and answered any questions we had thoroughly. He has lots of experience and is definitely the guy to go with if you’re heading to Phuket for your wedding!
Sophia Edwards, U.K.
Perfect ceremony, we highly recommend Jacob for his ability to accommodate different languages in the vows. We had friends & family from Spain and China, so his steady presence and composure, no matter which language we spoke in; absolutely put us at ease! The venue and flower arrangements were exactly what we were looking for and by Ilaire.
Yinan Wang, China & Spain
We had a Thai Buddhist Ceremony and Thai/Western wedding photo shooting on a remote Buddhist island that contained only a temple and many shrines. It was the time of our life and we cannot express our gratitude enough for Jacob, Gift, Tuk, the Monks and Tun for making this happen! We will cherish our wedding experience and photos for a lifetime, and recommend many friends to contact you as well, for their Phuket Wedding Planner.
Irina Vladistabuneko, Russia
Our Koh Phi Phi Wedding in Thailand was a truly amazing experience for Jesse and I, along with all our friends and family. The resort Jacob recommended was absolutely perfect — from the azure blue seas to the fine selection of Thai and Western cuisine. Our ceremony was ecstatic! This Phuket wedding review would not be complete without a huge THANK YOU!!!!
Jesse Ridgeway, Canada
Bradley and I were so happy to have chosen Jake as our wedding celebrant. He took the time to know us before our event, and let us customize the entire ceremony. He was very easy to talk to and very personable. We’ll see him again for our Phuket renewal of vows in a year! Perfect celebrant for your Thailand wedding planning. I will recommend this to any of my friends.
Sara Ker, Australia
Jacob was very professional and excellent with communication. We were very happy.
Katherine Blower, Australia
Jacob is very kind and you can count on him for your big Day! He is a trustful person.
Cécile Chauvot, France
Jake, it was like a dream come true! Our fairy-tail private sunset ceremony on the beach exceeded even my wildest expectations! Five stars!!!!
Mandy and Matt Vorsiche, Canada
My eldest daughter got married on the beautiful island of Phi Phi. Jacob was the celebrant for Polly and Lee, he was superb. He created a wonderful atmosphere, calm and eloquent. I would most definitely recommend him.
Sandie R Heald, U.K.
All the support provided before our wedding day really made a huge difference. We are extremely happy that it worked out so well and would do it again in a heartbeat! See you for a renewal of vows in 5 years!!!!
Angie Feltman, Australia
The first time we contacted Jacob we knew we were in good hands. From the very beginning he was super attentive and made sure to address all our concerns. If you’re planning on getting married in Thailand and don’t know where to begin, Jacob is the man to go for!
Guilherme Ribeiro , Brazil
I could not have chosen a wedding celebrant than Jacob. He took the time to get to know us before the wedding through Skype and gave us options so he can personalize the ceremony for us. He was articulate, well-dressed and very professional!

I highly recommend him! Such a great pleasure to work with and so happy he was part of our special day.

Marilyn Dee, Singapore

Our ceremony involved our two children wonderfuly! We are so happy that they could partake in this special moment with us, the hand-fasting or “tying the knot” ritual was a fabulous, if unexpected part of our ceremony which brought everything together. He will be helping our friends with their ceremony too! That is why I added this to Phuket wedding planner reviews.

Chari & Gavin Firshein, Australia
Jacob went above and beyond to ensure that we had a fabulous wedding. He not only made the arrangements for special amenities we required (such as a star fish to hold the rings!) but he also took the time to supervise our Thai photographers following the ceremony. He really spent time with us, to answer all my detailed questions until Dirk and I were ready with each of the arrangements for the big day!
Vanessa Gilaude, Belgium