Thailand Wedding Officiant Phuket

We provide a wedding pastor, also known as an ordained minister to offer marriage officiant services for wedding ceremonies.

An officiant wedding supplier provides justice of the peace wedding services by wedding ministers for marriage ceremonies. A justice of the peace marriage can provide the legal side of registration in collaboration with the marriage minister who is known as the officiant for wedding ceremonies or wedding ceremony officiant.

There are two types:

  • Ceremony Celebrant (ceremonial)
  • Wedding Officiant (legal)

However we can arrange both sides, as we provide both services.

A wedding official can be a celebrant or officiant in Thailand, with the legal agent being the officiant. The wedding officiant cost is a seperate fee to the ceremony celebrant fee, combined with paperwork costs for legal registration and a requisite visit to your embassy in Bangkok.

A non religious wedding officiant is a non-demoninational officiant or wedding clergy or
wedding priest, known as an interfaith minister. Local wedding officiants for legal registration in Thailand can be found at local municipality offices known as Amphur but they seldom speak English, which is why we offer an agency service to guide you along this process.

Ordained ministers as officiants for weddings can be a ceremony officiant who provides non denominational wedding officiant work. They can be considered a type of wedding preacher but more likely will be known as a celebrant in Asia, which is often known as a officiant in the USA.

As a Thailand wedding officiant supplier, we are based in Phuket and travel all around the country and region to provide our services.

The leading Thailand wedding officiant, our bags are already packed and we are able to travel by boat, airplane, or car on short notice. A Thailand wedding officiant with qualifications and over 7 years experience is standing by now, waiting for your lead a ceremony for uniting the bride and groom in nuptial bliss at their Thailand marriage location.

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Thailand Wedding Officiant Phuket